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Helping Producers and Creators navigate the media landscape, create compelling content, monetise ideas and build their brands and business

We are passionate

We are passionate about helping producers of factual content, as well as emerging creators to navigate the changing media landscape, to ensure their creativity and ideas get produced, seen and properly monetized.

Our skills and experience encompass television content development, production finance raising, executive producing and programme sales. Our work in digital and creator content includes brand building, social media navigation, YouTube management, merchandise, and sponsorship negotiation. Wild Thring Media aims to quickly become a trusted creative and business partner and works hard to deliver what it promises. We provide strategic advice to help content businesses grow and build brands globally, offering a bespoke service tailored to each client.

We Partner with producers

Having developed, executive produced, financed, and sold TV programmes, we know what it takes to make a good programme idea into a great show. We work with producers at every stage, from initial idea to reviewing rough cuts to make sure the best possible programme gets pitched and then delivered according to broadcaster requirements.


We know how to raise money to get non-scripted shows off the page and into production and our focused, targeted strategic and creative approach means we don't waste our clients' or a broadcaster's time. We have excellent relationships with all the media players - broadcasters, streamers and distributors - from around the world and are increasingly plugged into non-traditional sources of finance.


We understand that producers and creators know their subjects better than anyone - and should be involved in how content is created from the development of ideas to the production of the content. And we care that knowledge and talent are rewarded appropriately. We also know where the opportunities are, both on and off-air, and how these can be used to develop and grow your personal brand.